Water Infiltration

The single biggest threat to stucco is water infiltration. Water damage is usually unnoticeable until it begins to form visible cracks which is usually coupled with rotting wood and possibly even mold growth. Water damage can stem from improper caulk joints and chimney flashing.


( Exterior Insulation and Finish System) One of the most common issues with EIFS is bird nesting. If untreated, bird nesting can cause damage to your stucco house as it can create an environment for mold to grow where there is no waterproof system in place. Without maintenance wood framing, insulation, and sheet rock can be tarnished easily. Aside from the damage to your property, black mold can also cause illnesses.

Correction After Stucco Inspection

There are several reasons why stucco inspections need corrections:
Non proper caulk joints
System is improperly terminated below grade
Stucco system brought down to roof
Lack of kick out flashing, or second floor expansion joint

Cement Stucco System Repair

Traditional Portland cement plaster is a time tested exterior with a breathable finish. It consists of Portland cement, sand and fiber glass mixed with water to form a workable plaster. While it is a great solution it can get hairline cracks due to factors including incorrectly mixed proportions, insufficient mixing, and faulty workmanship.

Stucco Paint

Stucco paint can cover hairline cracks, dramatically improving the building appearance with it's high elongation properties. Elastomeric coatings resist wind - rain, temperature changes, and absorption of water in direct contact with surfaces. We offer color matching with UV protective properties to maintain a consistent look on your home.

Paint Services

Stucco Repair for Any Damage

From any damage whether small or big, we can repair all damage with our state of the art process without the need for a complete corner to corner replacement.

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